Equine Careers

Overview of careers available in the equine industry and information to help individuals begin their career search.

Many times, people looking for career opportunities in the equine industry automatically begin to think about jobs that have the most direct contact with horses—e.g., veterinarians, trainers, riders. While these are valid careers in the industry, they are only a few in a field with a wide number of extremely varied opportunities.

The goal of this website is to assist you in recognizing the vast array of opportunities that are available so you can begin to consider the possibilities that best fit with your talents and other career objectives. This is in no way intended to be an all-inclusive list nor will it answer all of your questions.

After you have identified some careers that are of interest to you:

  • Spend some time in a career-resource library, online, or visiting with individuals currently involved in your chosen vocation.
  • Identify the educational background that will best help you achieve your career goal. Some positions may require only experience while others may require highly specialized degrees. 
  • Look for opportunities to participate in internships or job-shadowing opportunities to gain experience and develop your career network. Internships also allow you to more fully experience your desired career and more accurately determine whether or not it will be something you will enjoy. 
  • Determine what the application procedure is to achieve your desired position. In some cases, you may simply complete a job application while other careers may require some form of apprenticeship.

An overview of careers available in the equine industry. Links are provided that give additional information about each of the career groups.