Agribusiness Management


The Agribusiness Management minor is designed for students who want to supplement their academic major with studies in agribusiness. The minor comprises a minimum of 18 credits, at least 6 of which are at the 400 level. Students wishing to pursue this minor should complete AG BM 101 or ECON 002. Some courses listed in the requirements may have additional prerequisites.


The minor in Agribusiness Management may be combined with any undergraduate major in the college or University. Required courses are selected to provide students with an overview of business and management principles.

Prescribed Courses

Prescribed courses consist of the following courses (3 credits each):

  • AG BM 102 - Economics of the Food System
  • AG BM 106 - Agribusiness Problem Solving
  • AG BM 200 - Introduction to Agribusiness Management

Additional and 400-Level Courses

An additional 9 credits must be taken from the following list, with at least 6 credits at the 400 level:

  • AG 301W - Introduction to Agricultural Law
  • AG BM 302 - Food Product Marketing
  • AG BM 308W - Strategic Decision Making in Agribusiness Management
  • AG BM 338 - International Agribusiness Management
  • AG BM 407 - Farm Planning and Financial Management
  • AG BM 408 - Financial Decision Making for Agribusiness
  • AG BM 420 - Agricultural Prices
  • AG BM 440 - Food Product Innovation Management
  • AG BM 460 - Managing the Food System
  • AG BM 461W - Managerial Economics in Agricultural Business Firms
  • AG BM 495A - Internship in Agribusiness
  • AG BM 495B - International Internship in Agribusiness


Students may apply for admission to the minor by submitting an Application for Admission to a Minor form in room 107 Armsby Building. The approval of the student's major adviser is also required. For additional information, contact the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology 814-865-0467.