Supporting Course Requirements

Students in the Science Option of the Animal Science major must select 5 to 7 additional credits from the supporting courses list.

Courses that fulfill major requirements do not count in this area.

Science Courses

Course (credits)TitleSemester Offered
AN SC 410 (4) Advanced Dairy Herd Management Fall
AN SC 413 (3) Transgenic Biology Spring
AN SC 415 (3) Companion Animal Behavior Spring
AN SC (SOILS, AGECO) 418 (3) Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems Fall
AN SC 419W (3) Applied Animal Welfare Fall
AN SC 420 (4) Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology Spring
AN SC 422W (3) Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Selection Spring
AN SC (VBSC) 425 (3) Principles of Avian Diseases Fall
AN SC 427 (3) Milk Secretion Spring
AN SC 432 (1) Techniques in Cattle Reproduction Fall
AN SC 447 (GN) (3) Equine Exercise Physiology Fall
AN SC 457 (3) Equine Reproduction and Breeding Farm Management Fall
AN SC 467W (3) Equine Nutrition and Feeding Spring
BIOL 479 (3) General Endocrinology Fall (odd years)
FD SC 408 (2) Food Microbiology Fall
FD SC 409W (3) Laboratory in Food Microbiology Fall
FD SC 415 (3) Science and Technology of Muscle Foods Spring
VB SC (ENT) 402W (3) Biology of Animal Parasites Spring
VB SC 405 (3) Laboratory Animal Science Spring
VB SC 420 (3) General Animal Pathology Fall
VB SC 421 (3) Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates Fall
VB SC 423W (3) Pathology of Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases Spring
WFS 407 (3) Ornithology Spring
WFS 408 (3) Mammalogy Spring
WFS 430 (3) Conservation Biology Fall
WFS 447W (3) Wildlife Management Fall
WFS 460 (3) Wildlife Behavior Fall