Supporting Course Requirements

Students in the Business/Management Option of the Animal Science major must select 23 additional credits from the supporting courses list.


  • At least 9 credits of business courses and 9 credits of production courses
    • Courses that fulfill major requirements or the additional production course for the option cannot count as a supporting course
  • 12 of the 23 credits must be 400-level courses.
    • Courses required in the major cannot be counted to meet these 12 credits of 400-level courses.

Business Courses

Course (credits) Title Semester Offered
AG 301W (3)** Introduction to Agricultural Law Fall
AG BM 106 (3) Agribusiness Problem Solving Fall, Spring
AG BM 220 (3) Agribusiness Sales Marketing Spring
AG BM 302 (3) Food Product Marketing Fall
AG BM 308W (3)** Strategic Decision Making in Agribusiness Fall, Spring
AG BM 320 (3) Market and Prices Spring
AG BM 338 (3) Global Agribusiness Fall, Spring
AG BM 407 (3) Farm Planning and Financial Management Fall, Spring
AG BM 408 (3) Financial Decision Making for Agribusiness Spring
AG BM 438 (3) Economics of Managing Global Agriculture and Food Systems Spring
AG BM 420 (3) Agribusiness Markets and Prices Spring
B A 250 (3) Problems of Small Business Fall, Spring
B LAW 243 (3) Legal Environment of Business Fall, Spring
FIN 100 (3) Introduction to Finance Fall, Spring
IST 110 (GS) (3) Introduction to Information Sciences and Technology Fall, Spring
IST 210 (3) Organization of Data Fall, Spring
LER 100 (GS) (3) Employment Relations Fall, Spring
LER 201(GS) (3) Employment Law Fall, Spring
MGMT 341 (3) Human Resource Management Fall, Spring
MKTG 220 (3) Personal Selling Fall, Spring
R EST 301 (3) Real Estate Fundamentals Fall, Spring
SCM 200 (3) Introduction to Statistics for Business Fall, Spring
SCM 301 (3) Business Logistics Management Spring

**Writing Across the Curriculum designation. Required to complete 3 credits within the College.

Production Courses

Course (credits) Title Semester Offered
AGRO 028 (3) Principles of Crop Management Fall
AGRO 423 (3) Forage Crop Management Fall
AGRO 425 (3) Field Crop Management Spring
AN SC 107 (2) Intro to Equine Science and Industry Fall, Spring
AN SC 117 (2) Equine Marketing Spring
AN SC 211 (3) Introduction to Avian Biology Spring
AN SC 213 (3) Introduction to Animal Biotechnology Spring
AN SC 215 (GS) (3) Pets in Society Summer, Fall, Spring
AN SC 217 (2) Introduction to Horse Judging Fall, Spring
AN SC 226 (2) Meat Selection and Grading Spring
AN SC 305 (3) Companion Animal Nutrition and Management Fall
AN SC 306 (3) Swine Production and Management Fall (odd years)
AN SC 308 (4) Sheep and Goat Production and Management Spring (odd years)
AN SC 309 (4) Beef Cattle Production and Management Spring
AN SC 310 (3) Dairy Cattle Production and Management Spring
AN SC 311 (4) Poultry Production and Management Fall
AN SC 315 (3) Small Animal Health Spring
AN SC 324 (3) Value Determination of Meat Animals Fall
AN SC 327 (3) Horse Production and Management Fall
AN SC 350 (2) Dairy Problem Solving Spring
AN SC 405 (3) Advanced Canine Nutrition and Management Fall
AN SC 407 (3) Advanced Horse Management Spring
AN SC 410 (4) Advanced Dairy Herd Management Fall
AN SC 413 (3) Transgenic Biology Spring
AN SC 417 (2)* Introduction to Horse Judging Spring
AN SC (AGECO) (SOILS) 418 (3) Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems Fall
AN SC 419W (3)** Applied Animal Welfare Fall
AN SC 420 (4) Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology Spring
AN SC 421 (2)* Poultry Evaluation and Selection Spring
AN SC 422 (3)* Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Selection Spring
AN SC 423 (3) Comparative Physiology of Domestic Animals Spring
AN SC 424 (3)* Livestock Breeding Evaluation and Selection Spring
AN SC (VB SC) 425 (3) Principles of Avian Diseases Spring (odd years)
AN SC 426 (2)* Advanced Judging and Selection Fall
AN SC 427 (3) Milk Secretion Spring
AN SC 429 (3) Advanced Beef Production Fall
AN SC 431W (4)** Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction Fall
AN SC 432 (2) Techniques in Cattle Reproduction Fall
AN SC 450 (3) Dairy Farm Management Systems Spring
AN SC 451 (1-2) Dairy Systems Analysis Fall, Spring
AN SC 457 (3) Equine Reproduction and Breeding Farm Management Fall
AN SC 467W (3) Equine Nutrition and Feeding Spring
AN SC 477 (1) Rider Instructor Training Spring
FD SC 200 (3) Introductory Food Science Fall
FD SC 408 (2) Applied Food Microbiology Fall
FD SC 409W (3)** Laboratory in Applied Food Microbiology Fall
FD SC 415 (3) Science and Technology of Muscle Foods Spring
SOILS 101 (3) Introduction to Soils Fall, Spring
VB SC 303 (3) Principles of Animal Disease Fall
V SC 402W (ENT) (3) Biology of Animal Parasites Spring
VB SC 405 (3) Laboratory Animal Science Spring
VB SC 407 (2) Dairy Herd Health Programs Spring
VB SC 420 (3) General Animal Pathology Fall
VB SC 423W (3)** Pathology of Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases Fall
WFS 407 (3) Ornithology Spring
WFS 408 (3) Mammalogy Spring
WFS 430 (3) Wildlife Biology Fall
WFS 447W(3)** Wildlife Management Fall
WFS 460 (3) Wildlife Behavior Fall

*Cannot count as supporting production courses and fulfill communication skills requirement.
**Writing Across the Curriculum. Required to complete 3 credits within the College.