Animal Science Major

If you're interested in the science or business of animal management, or are preparing for veterinary school, an Animal Science degree might be a good fit for you.

Two options are available for students:

  • Business and Animal Management Option
    Combines business and the production and management of animals. Students will be prepared for careers in farm management, technical sales and service, cooperative extension, or commodities promotion.

  • Science Option
    Provides an in-depth study of the basic sciences relevant to animal biology and prepares students for veterinary school; graduate study in nutrition, physiology, reproduction, or genetics; or careers in the pharmaceutical or research industries.

Students interested in domestic animal species have the opportunity to develop basic and applied knowledge in biological and physical sciences, nutrition, genetics, reproduction, physiology, economics, business management, agronomy, and animal products.

Students majoring in Animal Science have many opportunities for hands-on experience in animal facilities and laboratories, internships and other student employment related to the program, participation in teams and clubs, scholarships, and international study.