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Manure Management Network

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PA Breeds

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International rumen pangenome program

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Variation in methane emissions in large populations of dairy cows

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Robinson - Animal health and greenhouse gas emissions intensity network

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Factsheet and documentation on understanding the raw milk codes in Pennsylvania

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Overview on methane proxies (COST Action 'METHAGENE')

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Comparison of active flux and passive concentration measurements of methane emissions from cattle

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Long-term vision for the rumen microbial network and critical steps

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Zimmerman - Sampling strategies to measure enteric methane emissions

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124 Total Credits Required

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Swizerland: Update of research on methane mitigation related to feed and nutrition

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Global Research Alliance (GRA) Livestock Research Group (LRG) Network on feed and nutrition in relation to greenhouse gas emissions (GNN)

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Nutritional inteventions in early-life to reduce methane emissions in ruminants