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Methane emission - research possibilities in Poland

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Yvette de Haas - Animal Genetics Networks

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PA Dairy Tool balance sheet; updated June 30, 2008

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Climate change, methane emission and livestock production - Indian perspective

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124 Total Credits Required

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Research on nutrition and greenhouse gas emissions from livestock in Chile

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Standard operating procedures for the Penn State Dairy Production Research and Teaching Facility

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PA Dairy Tool Data Collection form; revised June 30, 2008

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Use of the milk MIR spectra with a lactation stage specific model to predict CH4 emitted by dairy cows

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Mitigating enteric methane emissions: impact of nutritional quality of grass herbage and grass silage

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An overview of current Dutch enteric methane research

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Lipogenic and glucogenic compounds: their interaction with rumen metabolism, animal health, product quality and potential as biomarker

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Global Network Research Activities in Finland

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Focus on INRA ongoing research programs and methodologies related to FNN

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Research activities related to the mitigation of enteric methane production in ruminants

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Dr. Galantino-Homer will discuss her career path to a combination VMD, PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently the senior research investigator for the laminitis research initiative at UPenn’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

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RuminOmics Connecting the animal genome, the intestinal microbiome and nutrition to enhance the efficiency of ruminant digestion and to mitigate the environmental impacts of ruminant livestock production

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Although this document is dated 2006, it is currently up to date and is posted on the Equine 4-H "Rules, References, and Resources" page.

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Animal health and greenhouse gas emissions intensity network

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Feed and Nutrition Network - FNN - Livestock Research Group

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PA Dairy Tool Income and Expense Data Form; revised June 30, 2008

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Grassland Research Network (GRN)

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Creation of database for meta-analysis

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Association between metabolic status and methane production in dairy cows