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Properly developed and implemented nutrient management plans can provide protection to the producer from civil penalties and actions. It also sends a positive message to the public about how serious the dairy industry is in following sound environmental practices.

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Nitrogen is as important as phosphorus in environmental regulations, and maybe even more so, because water and air quality issues are strongly influenced by this element. Odor problems are moving to the forefront of public concerns.

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An increasing amount of evidence suggests that supplementation of phosphorus does not make a difference in reproductive performance of modern dairy cows fed moderate to high quality diets.

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This annual Expo, previously hosted in the mid-west, will be hosted by The Pennsylvania State University and is centrally located in the state on a 55-acre show site with indoor and outdoor exhibit space. This event is supported in part by a consortium of land grant universities and conservation agencies from the northeast, mid- Atlantic, and mid-western regions of the United States.

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