Video: Department Overview and Welcome

Video welcome and overview of the Penn State Department of Animal Science from Department Head, Dr. Terry Etherton.
What is it like being an Animal Sciences major at Penn State? Watch our video and learn more. Video transcript is available.


Terry Etherton, Department Head, Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition Dr. Terry Etherton, Department Head: "We're a world-class university; we're one of the top twelve universities. We provide robust learning opportunities in a science-based curriculum. There are huge opportunities in the Science Option and Business Option. It is a program of high excellence, and we care passionately about what we do.

As students track through Penn State, they undergo a maturation process; they learn about themselves, they learn about their profession, they learn about what they need to do to become successful in their career path, and where to get help when they need it.

Our faculty have a passion about interacting with and advising students. There is a lot of hands-on learning. It's really a very engaging, welcoming environment. We go to a great extent to make sure that students feel taken care of.

The college each year offers over $1 million in scholarship money for students. In our department, we have many scholarships that are offered to first-time students.

We are in pursuit of high excellence. We want to train students to be all that they can be and to go out and make a difference and move society ahead."