Breeding Contract

Booking Fee:

$200 Booking Fee

Non Refundable (is part of the Breeding Fee)

Breeding Fees for 2017:

PSU Dynamic Krymsun: $1000
PSU He Rox The Nite: $500
Willie Be Nimble: $500
Time To Score: $500

Special consideration may be made for multiple mares from same owner and for mares who are proven producers / performers. Please ask about the availability of shipped cooled semen. Mares being bred via shipped semen will be given preference when booking to certain stallions due to the limited stall
space we have available. Breeding fee is to be paid in full prior to first shipment of semen or before the mare leaves The Pennsylvania State University.

Contact Information for Questions, sending Breeding Contracts, and Ordering Semen:

Mailing Address: The Pennsylvania State University Horse Barn, University Park, PA 16802
Barn Phone: 814-863-0834
E-mail: Ed Jedrzejewski, DVM, Horse Herd Manager