Poultry Science Distinguished Alumnus Reception

Dr. Joseph Hess-1980 Doctor of Philosophy in Poultry Science, The University of Georgia Masters of Science in Poultry Science, The University of Georgia Bachelor of Science in Poultry Science, The Pennsylvania State University

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April 28, 2017, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


324 AG SC IN

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Joseph B. Hess, a native of Pennsylvania, grew up in Lancaster County’s farming country. He was introduced to the commercial poultry industry at an early age through family friend Bob Woodward, broiler manager for Pennfield Corporation. Hess completed a BS in poultry science from The Pennsylvania State University (with significant mentoring by Owen Keene) and worked for a time as a flock advisor for Wenger’s Feeds in Rheems, Pennsylvania before entering a graduate program at the University of Georgia. Hess completed MS and PhD degrees from the University of Georgia in poultry science under the direction of Walter Britton with a specialization in nutrition. His research focus at Georgia explored mineral nutrition of commercial laying hens and egg shell quality.

After completing his graduate program, Hess worked as a technical service nutritionist for Central Soya in Decatur, Indiana (under the direction of Mike Hellwig) for a number of years before taking an extension poultry scientist position at Auburn University. Hess is currently a professor and extension specialist with Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. At Auburn, Hess has a primary extension appointment, which directs the bulk of his efforts toward working with the poultry industry in technology transfer. Areas of interest include nutrition, broiler and breeder management, and waste management issues. Hess has been involved for many years in supporting the National Poultry and Animal Waste Management Symposium and is an advisor to the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association and the Alabama Feed and Grain Association. In addition, Hess participates in practical research projects to produce information of immediate interest to poultry producers. Recent areas of interest include pododermatitis (with Sarge Bilgili), deep pectoral myopathy (with Roger Lien and Sarge Bilgili), and litter management (with John Blake, Ken Macklin, and Sarge Bilgili).