Lawrence D. Muller

  • Professor Emeritus of Dairy Science
Lawrence D. Muller
324 Henning Building

University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-4205


  1. B.S., Dairy Science, University of Illinois, 1964
  2. M.S., Dairy Science, University of Illinois, 1966
  3. Ph.D., Animal Science, Purdue University, 1969
  • 1969-1971 Assistant Professor, Purdue University. Responsible for teaching 3 courses, coaching dairy cattle judging team, and continuing and completing research of faculty member who was on a foreign assignment.
  • 1971-1976 (October) Assistant Professor (1971-1973) Associate Professor (1973-1976), Department of Dairy Science, S. Dakota State University. Appointment was 60% teaching, 40% research. Responsible for teaching 3 courses, student advising,and research in area of dairy cattle nutrition and management.
  • 1976-Present Associate Professor (1976-1980) Professor (1980-), Department of Dairy and Animal Science The Pennsylvania State University. Appointment has been approximately 60% teaching, 30% research, and 10% administration/outreach.

Professional Experience

Professional Affiliations
  • Sigma XI
  • Gamma Sigma Delta
Membership in Professional Societies
  • American Dairy Science Association, 1964 to present
  • American Society of Animal Science, 1966 to present
  • American Institute of Nutrition, 1986 to present
  • American Forage and Grassland Council
  • Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council
  • CAST
  • ARPAS-Professional Animal Scientist and Board Certified in Nutrition

Production Division of ADSA

  • Councilperson, 1980-1983
  • Nominating Committee, 1981-1982
  • Director, 1983
  • Secretary of Production Division, 1984-85
  • Vice chairman, 1985-86
  • Chairman 1986-87
  • Served 3 yr term on ADSA Board of Directors from the Production Division,1987-1990
  • ADSA Vice-President, 1997-98; President, 1998-1999
  • Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS)
  • Board of Directors, 1999-2002

Teaching Experience:

Dr. Muller served on the faculty at Penn State for 27 years with an academic appointment of approximately 65% teaching (undergraduate education)and 35% research. Although he has had no official appointment in extension or outreach, approximately 10% of his time was devoted to this. Prior to coming to Penn State, he had similar appointments at South Dakota State University for five years and Purdue University for two years.

Dr. Muller’s work and contributions to the education of students at Penn State can be divided into the following categories:

  • Resident Education/Teaching
  • Student Advising
  • Independent Studies
  • Internship Experiences
  • Activities and Clubs
  • International Education
  • Professional Development
Description of Courses Taught

AN SC 290W CAREERS IN ANIMAL AGRICULTURE (1): A description and analyses of career opportunities in the animal science and allied industries. (team taught)

AN SC 297D INTRODUCTION TO PENN STATE DAIRY SCIENCE (1): Students meet Penn State’ dairy faculty, learn about Penn State’s dairy teaching, research, and outreach missions, interact with industry professionals,and recognize industry’s global structure. (team taught)

AN SC 410 ADVANCED DAIRY MANAGEMENT (4). Students will build on principles learned from AN SC 310 and AN SC 400 and from other courses with an emphasis on the application of the principles to the management of a profitable dairy farm. Emphasis will be on nutrition,dairy quality management, biosecurity, information management, and nutrient management. Application of knowledge and technical skills to solve problems will be emphasized. Visits to local dairy farms.

AN SC 497 ADVANCED DAIRY NUTRITION (1): Special topics course focused on use of computer models to assist in developing and enhancing the understanding of nutrition programs on dairy farms.

AN SC 420 ANIMAL NUTRITION AND FEED TECHNOLOGY (4). Feedstuff evaluation, quality control, handling, storage; life cycle feeding of beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, swine, horses, and poultry. Prerequisite: AN SC 301. Teach 3 lectures and 2 laboratories.


Dr. Muller has become active in International Agriculture activities during the last 13 years. In 1990, a pasture systems management program was established at Penn State. This was an interdisciplinary program that involved scientists from four different departments plus the USDA pasture laboratory at Penn State. This program led to establishing the Grazing Research and Education Center at Penn State in 1994 by Dr. Steve Fales and Dr. Muller with a goal of linking researchers, educators, agribusiness, and producers to provide input on research and education issues. The expertise in this area resides in countries outside the United States, most notable Ireland/No. Ireland and New Zealand, and led to initial visits and interactions with scientists in these countries. Subsequently, the more “formal” interactions, and exchanges with the groups in Ireland/No. Ireland and New Zealand were established.

Advising and Student Services:


The Penn State Dairy Science Club - Co. Advisor from 1978 to 2001. The Dairy Science Club is one of the most active clubs in the College of Agricultural Sciences with a memberhip of approximately 100. The Club is annually recognized as one of the top clubs in the nation by the SAD of ADSA, and was first for seven consecutive years between 1995-2001.

Awards and Honors:

  • Gamma Sigma Delta Research Award at Penn State, 1985
  • MSD Agvet Dairy Management Research Award by American Dairy Science Association, 1988
  • Pioneer Forage Award by American Dairy Science Association, 1998

Teaching/Resident Education:

  • Outstanding Teacher of the Year in the College of Agriculture, South Dakota State University, 1976
  • Outstanding Advisor Award presented by Student Affiliate Division of American Dairy Science Association, 1983
  • Ralston Purina Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching by American Dairy Science Association, 1985
  • Excellence in Advising Award at Penn State (1 of 5 faculty at Penn State), 1985 and 1988
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Award at Penn State, 1991
  • College of Agricultural Science, Penn State University, Committee of Teaching Excellence, 2001 (One of five faculty recognized for their skill, commitment, and passion for teaching)
  • President’s Award for Engagement with students, College of Agricultural Science Award Winner, 2002


  • FFA Honorary Keystone Degree, 1988
  • Penn State Dairy Cattle Judging Team Service Award, 1989
  • PA Forage and Grassland Council Research/Teaching Award, 1990
  • Service Award from Penn State Dairyman’s Club, 1998
  • PA Forage and Grassland Council Special Service Award, 1999
  • Finalist for W. LaMarr Kopp International Achievement Award at Penn State University, 2001
  • Dedication of 2002 Penn State Dairy Expo by the Penn State Dairy Science Club.
  • Alumni Association Award of Merit, University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, 2003

Research Focus and Interests

Our research focus has been in various areas of dairy nutrition and management. The research program since 1990 has studied pasture based systems for lactating dairy cows with a focus on nutrition.

Areas of Research Include:

  • Economics of grazing
  • Stocking rates and profitability
  • Nutrition supplementation and mangement -Amounts of supplemental energy (grains) -Types of feedstuffs and carbohydrates to add to grain rations -Synchronization of carbohydrate and protein -Protein - utilization and supplementation -Forage supplementation -Feeding TMR's
  • Nutrient utilization and rumen fermentation
  • Environmental impact
  • Pasture allowance and performance
Approximately 30 publications have been published in peer reviewed journals and are listed. In addition, information has been provided to the dairy producers and industries through various conferences, meetings, publications, and other methods. This research program has had an excellent team leady by Terri Cassidy, laboratory technician. Eight graduate students have conducted grazing research while obtaining M.S. or Ph.D. degrees.
  • Karen Hoffman, M.S., New York
  • Lisa Holden, Ph.D., Penn State
  • Doug Hongerholt, Ph. D, MN
  • Christy Rippel, M.S., Texas
  • Eric Kolver, Ph.D., New Zealand
  • Kathy Soder, Ph.D., PSU
  • Fernando Bargo, Ph.D., Argentina
  • Julia Amick, M.S., Penn State
  • Jamie Delahoy, Ph.D., New York